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Virgin Media

Matt Walton, Head Of Online Sales

"We asked Dan to help us with the content for our new Virgin Media sales website. We were working to very tight deadlines so we needed somebody who could get to grips with our complex products and proposition quickly and hit the ground running. Dan picked things up very quickly and has played a big part in the great results we've seen from the website since it launched.

"Dan is a pleasure to work with - he writes great creative copy, plus he works quickly and efficiently. As a result, we have asked Dan to continue working for us on new projects."


A&N London

Nabi Sallehi, Owner

"Daniel didn’t just help us produce great copy; he helped us create our brand. He knew who we wanted to appeal to and he knew the best way to create a brand persona that would communicate with them successfully.

"Best of all, he did it when timescales were tight. We needed the copy now – and he didn’t disappoint.

"We look forward to working with him for a long time to come."



Bradley Starr, Director

"We knew we had a great product. We just needed a bit of help in explaining its features in a way that would resonate with Bizantra's target audience. In both our web copy and online videos, Dan was able to cleverly and concisely communicate everything we wanted to say."

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Base One

Matt Lord, Head of Copy

"If you want a copywriter who doesn’t question the brief, who doesn’t make an effort to understand the client and the space in which they operate, and who doesn’t really pay much attention to grammar or spend time thinking about an appropriate tone of voice or an apt turn of phrase, then don’t hire Dan."

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Sam Page, Director

"We’ve worked with Dan on numerous projects. He’s a fun guy to work with, a fountain of ideas and, most of all, an excellent writer. He has this incredible knack of taking complex subject matter and making it easy to understand.

"If you’re thinking about hiring him, go for it!"


SAS & Company

Kirsty Hayward, Director

"Not only is Dan a great writer, he’s also a pleasure to work with. He comes to work with a smile and a positive attitude, even if we’ve given him lots to do in no time at all! It’s great to work with someone who enjoys what they do. And it shows in all his work."