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Our new site catered for beginners and enthusiasts, with in-depth info about the team, sport and association.

What we said

"The track can be unforgiving – so the athletes must stay focused or risk finding themselves on the cold ice. To be the best of the best, athletes need lightning-fast reaction times, physical and mental strength and a bit of help from the latest technology."

What we did

The British Skeleton team do more than just fly the flag for Great Britain; they've been taking home medals at the last three Olympic Games. Success led to exposure and soon they realised their website needed to work harder if it was to encourage people to follow the team and start taking part in the sport.

Our brand new site catered for everybody: from those who wanted to learn the basics to dedicated fans craving the latest racing news. It's too early to talk about increases in site traffic or membership applications, but the site was very warmly received by all the athletes, support staff and visitors. The British Skeleton team now has a site that looks as sleek as their riders as they hurtle down the track.